Royal Shepard's Sermons at Pilgrim Congregational Church, Duluth


   Opening Remarks - Introduction

          Where There's Hope There's Life

          Heavenly Joy

          The Art of Hallowing

          What Happens Between People

          In the Beautiful Man
          Christian Comprehensiveness

   The Courage to Doubt
   The Courage to Change

   Freedom in Religion - The Style of the UCC

   Love Behind my Gate

   The Meaning of Grace

   Blessed Are the Peacemakers

   People Who Are Part of Us - Introduction

          William Brewster - Pioneer

          Anne Bradstreet - Poet

          Louis Tappan - Philanthropist

   What It Means to be Saved

   What to Make of Christmas in an Age of Terror


   Arthur Roberts Memorial Sermon

   Speaking of Law Day

   UMD Commencement - What Worries Me About You

   Christian Peace

   A Collage: Reflections from a Recent Voyage

   Sermons About the Way - Introduction

          The Way

          The Paradox of Non-Conformity

          But Be Transformed

          Things in the Way

After a PG Movie

          Whether We Live or Die

          The Quality of Loyalty


   Sermons of 1975 - Introduction

      Jesus Christ - Introduction

          My God Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

          As A Clown

      Christian Living - Introduction

          Great Expectations - Easter

          The Courage of our Grief


          Both Sides Now

      Nature - Introduction

          The God of Nature

          My Debt to Asclepias

      Issues - Introduction

          From Baker Street to 1984

          Love in Labor

      Five Dimensions of Christian Living - Introduction






   Propositions I and II

   Why Paul was Thankful


   Sermons of 1978 - Index

      Our Christian Identity - Introduction

          What is a Christian?

          Special Situation, Universal Factor

          Reason to Marvel

          What is Life? (Dorothy Brewster Belt)